Predictive health intelligence & data analytics provider

Airfinity is a pioneer in predictive health analytics that helps decision makers to understand and act on to pre-empt future health risks.

Specialising in infectious diseases, Airfinity has a comprehensive suite of world-leading market intelligence solutions, turning disconnected data points into real time predictive indicators. The platform alsocovers advanced therapies (e.g. RNA, Gene and Cell Therapy) and cardio-metabolic.

Disease-centric solutions combine proprietary surveillance tools and forecast models with expert analysis to produce actionable insights on pipeline developments, standard of care, regulatory trends and demand and supply.

Airfinity is a global company with headquarters in London and Boston, relied upon across the full ecosystem in life sciences, including pharma companies, government agencies, corporates, investors, NGOs, and international organisations.

Our initial £1.4mn investment was completed in 2021.

We topped up our investment by £0.6mn in September 2023.

Our investments have helped to further strengthen the senior leadership and product teams.

Investment rationale

The business’ core proposition helps solve a key problem by collating and aggregating vast, disparate data sets to provide easily accessible/searchable data in order to facilitate decision-making. It supports our focus on how the proliferation of vast datasets are being poorly accessed by the life sciences community and how platforms/tools can be used to better make use of internal and external data sources to accelerate drug development.

The business has scaled rapidly led by a very able founder and CEO.