Orri offers in-person and virtual eating disorder (ED) services.

Orri provides an important service in a growing area where NHS services contend with insufficient budgets to meet the rising demand. Its recovery-focused programmes fill the gap between primary and inpatient services, offering a step-down model to support the transition back to everyday life in recovery.

Orri is rated as an ‘outstanding’ treatment provider by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Our first investment of £4.5mn in September 2022, led by Maya Ward, was used to open a second site, as well as to accelerate growth in their online services, providing a step-down outpatient service and building out their team.

In 2023, we made two follow-on investments totalling around £1.4mn which will be used to expand the provision of services and roll out clinics outside of London.

We made a further follow-on investment of £1mn in 2024.