Cognassist was created with aim of ensuring neurodiversity is embraced, every day.

Cognassist helps organisations to identify and support individuals with hidden learning needs.

Their neuro-inclusion solution is underpinned by extensive scientific research and a vast proprietary cognitive dataset.

Founder Chris Quickfall, a successful repeat entrepreneur, was diagnosed with dyslexia at university and the experience of completing a cognitive assessment was transformative for him, providing a framework to understand how he thinks and learns.

This was how Cognassist was born.

Investment rationale

Our £4mn investment, announced in April 2023, will enable Cognassist to continue their growth within the education sector and expand into the enterprise market, where demand for neuro-inclusion is rapidly emerging to support employees.

As part of the investment, Cognassist has appointed Nerissa Naidu as Chair, a seasoned executive and WEF Future Young Leader.

Founded in Newcastle, this investment evidences the strength of our regional advisor network and our focus on investing in businesses with exciting commercial prospects that also make a meaningful difference.