Ecommerce deal personalisation platform

RevLifter’s deal personalisation platform is used by retailers across marketing channels.

They utilise Artificial Intelligence to understand real-time signals from user behaviour on websites in order to deliver deals at the optimum time and achieve advertisers’ goals. It works by personalising offers on a retailer’s site (and off-site), designed to deliver incrementally and stop customers leaving to look for deals on competitors’ sites. The platform is uniquely used by each retailer in order to deliver specific goals, such as more new customers or higher conversion rates.

Investment rationale

Gresham House Ventures invested £1.5m in a 3.3m Series A funding round to capitalise on their positioning in the market and continue their rapid expansion into new markets, focusing on EMEA and APAC in particular.

We committed to a new investment in March 2022, alongside the North East Development Capital Fund, supported by the European Regional Development Fund (and managed by Maven Capital Partners).