Ice cream alchemist, known for its market-leading vegan range

A true breakthrough brand, well-positioned for growth as the plant-based movement continues to gain global traction.

NORTHERN BL°C’s products use all-natural flavours with no compromise on quality or taste.

They have a strong distribution network in the retail sector, with listings in Waitrose, Co-op and Morrison’s.

In 2020, NORTHERN BL°C also became the first ice cream brand in the UK to introduce fully sustainable packaging, changing the plastic coating on its paper tubs to a fully recyclable, compostable alternative.

Investment rationale

We invested £1.5mn after being attracted by NORTHERN BL°C’s top tier positioning and the growth of the vegan market.

The funding will be used to drive further retail sales and invest in increasing its production capacity, strengthening its team and focusing on brand experience across retail and out-of-home.