The team is pleased to announce its £4.5m investment in the IPO of Diaceutics, a data analytics and implementation services business in the pharma sector.

Diaceutics made its debut on the AIM market of the London stock exchange on 21 March and is one of just three companies that has successfully listed in Q1 2019.

Founded 13 years ago, Diaceutics aggregates and cleanses multiple data points specific to diagnostic testing from more than 2,500 clinical laboratories across 35 different countries, then uses it to provide solutions and insights to pharma companies looking to launch new, or already on-market precision medicine drugs.

“Diaceutics is a company that fits right in our sweet spot, as a high-growth business with significant potential for the future. We are really pleased to have been included in the IPO fundraising for the firm and believe we can add value as an investor.” Brendan Gulston, Gresham House

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