The Gresham House Ventures team today announces an investment in CISIV, a technology business providing electronic data capture, management and analytics to pharma companies and clinical research organisations.

CISIV’s product, Baseline Plus, is a SaaS tool which allows users to design, manage and analyse data collection from real world drug trials, which have become a key focus area for customers, regulators and licensing bodies.

The collection and management of real world data is a global market driven by the need to increase the external validity of drug trials, as opposed to clinical trials, which remove external factors by using highly controlled conditions. Real world research is seen as one of the fastest growing sectors of medical research, with 54% of life sciences companies surveyed last year by Deloitte actively investing in real world evidence programmes.

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Commenting on the investment, Dominic Farmer, CEO and Co-Founder at CISIV, said:

“It’s great to have a partner like Gresham House on board. The cultural fit and their experience in the technology sector make them a natural partner for us when seeking further funding to fulfil our growth potential.”

We’re thrilled to announce our investment in CISIV. As an innovative company operating in an exciting and specialised market with a strong customer pedigree, they’re exactly the kind of business we look to invest in. We are very excited to be working with Dominic, Ruth and the team to further build on the potential in their product.

– Brendan Gulston, Investment Director, Gresham House Equity Funds