ESG webinar series

Episode 4: Building resilience: integrating ESG into risk management processes for early stage businesses

This episode is focused on ESG risk management. Here we will outline the steps required to integrate ESG into your risk management processes.

    • Example ESG risks and the cost of inaction
    • Case studies on the impact of ESG risks
    • How to optimise governance structures to identify potential ESG risks
    • How to prioritise ESG risks
    • How to develop plans to mitigate ESG risks
    • How to demonstrate transparency through documentation

    Episode 3: ESG Strategy

    In the third episode in our ESG webinar series we outline the steps required to build your ESG strategy such that it leads to measurable, quantifiable action and results. We discuss how to:

    • Understand investor expectations and legal requirements
    • Establish a baseline and set goals
    • Identify performance gaps
    • Develop an ESG policy
    • Measure progress
    • Report against your progress

    Episode 2: ESG & Governance

    Integrating existing governance structures is one of the most significant challenges to the successful implementation and oversight of ESG factors.

    Strong governance is crucial for offering a solid foundation for Board oversight, proactive management and ongoing dialogue on ESG topics.

    The second in our interactive webinar series is designed to enhance your understanding of ESG and to help you build a stronger business that generates sustainable growth and sustainable returns for all stakeholders.



    Episode 1: Getting started with ESG – A strategic imperative

    ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues are now a strategic imperative for businesses across the entire economy.

    Against the backdrop of an escalating climate emergency and growing social inequality, consumer and employee activism and pressure from politicians have vaulted ESG to the top of Board and Management agendas.

    Watch the first in a series of five webinars with Investment Director, Joe Krancki and Associate Director, Sustainable Investment, Jonathan Walker, that seek to enhance your understanding of what sustainability and ESG mean to investors and corporates.

    Learn how to build ESG into your business to improve its ability to generate sustainable growth and sustainable returns for the ultimate benefit of society.



    Joe Krancki

    Joe joined the Mobeus VCTs team in 2021 and originates and leads growth capital investments in technology-led businesses. Joe has over 20 years’ experience helping to build, transform, and grow companies across North America and Europe. He is passionate about partnering with ambitious teams to scale their businesses and deepen their impact, focusing on software, data & analytics, tech-enabled services, and online market places. Joe joined Mobeus from Frog Capital and has held roles at Jefferies, 3i and EY. He was named one of the Financial News 40-Under-40 Rising Stars in Private Equity in 2015.

    Jonathan Walker, CFA

    Before joining Gresham House in 2021, Jonathan worked at Morgan Stanley for six years, most recently as a research analyst within their highly-rated Sustainability Research team. His primary areas of focus included cross-sector sustainability research and European sustainable finance regulation, as well as working closely with the firm’s institutional clients on incorporating ESG into their investment processes. Prior to this Jonathan worked as a stock-covering analyst in Morgan Stanley’s Property Research team with particular focus on pan-European industrial and logistics property. He started his career as a European equity trader.